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    How to make:


    How you can make a compliment:

    • Tell the person who you know best within NECW.
    • Write a short note below and hand it or post it to the person you know best within NECW.
    • Ask someone else to do any of the above on your behalf

    If you feel that the service provided by NECW is not good enough, you could make a formal complaint.

    You can do this by speaking to or writing to the person who you know best within NECWor by speaking to or writing to someone within the company who you feel would take necessary action.

    Letters should be marked confidential.Any suggestion or complaint will be taken seriously and acted upon as quickly as possible.

    You will be notified in writing within 7 days to let you know how your suggestion or complaint will be dealt with.

    You will be informed by letter within 28 days, the outcome of your complaint.

    If you are unhappy about the outcome, you should make a request to meet up with Alistair Law, Director of NECW. If you wish, you could also ask a friend or trusted person to accompany you.


    You also have a right to go to your local council or Care Inspectorate Scotland with your complaint about the company if you feel that the company’s internal complaints procedure has not dealt with your complaint satisfactorily.

    • Aberdeen City Health and
    • Social Care Partnership,
    • Marischal College,
    • Broad St.
    • Aberdeen.
    • AB101AB
    • Care Inspectorate
    • 48 Huntly Street
    • Aberdeen
    • AB10 1SH
    • Tel: 0345 6009527